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    emarking, ‘I say it is a beaut In an inch of a miracle. Women had been looking for this model for ages, uncle. HOMEWARE: You are the model, Mr Arden! LYRA: Can you have intended to say that it is in view of marriage you are devoted to the widow of Professor Towers? ARDEN: My [...]

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    ir made me promise to -would you believe it?–that Undine of yours–that Undine of yours was going back to her native element. The–the mite was looking for the Thames, to drown herself! Mrs. Denham. To drown herself? Fitzgerald. Ay. She told me, “Mother said–said she was too wicked to live–an’ she–she didn’t want her any [...]

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    ployment hath the daintier sense.”– L as common and filthy, mixtures, with nothing refined or elegant about them but their titles.” For greasy compounds he has no tolerance, charging upon them, that, although they may for the moment lubricate and soften the hair, they burden the scalp, clog its pores, deaden the roots of the [...]

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    Will be passed upon us each hereafter individually, The Romanists said,–”Here are all these inexplicable difficulties in the doctrine of the Trinity, and yet you believe it.” So Mr. Newman argues with those who hold the plenary inspiration of Scripture, that if they believe that, in spite of all the difficulties which beset it, they [...]

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    Happy new year !

  • #media2012 @WE_PLAY Expo

    #media2012 @WE_PLAY Expo

    #media2012 was present at the North West’s end of Games bash in Preston, within the We Play expo. this was the final party of the Games and #media2012 reporters were there covering all kinds of content

  • Weymouth 2012 media camp

    Weymouth 2012 media camp

                    Although the Weymouth 2012 Media Camp is over the blog is being updated by a relay (yes all the sporting cliches!) of young citizen journalist contributors who’ve done brilliant work to create a portrait of the seaside town handsomely dressed up in Olympic gear! After a high-speed [...]

  • What’s So British About the London 20123 #OpeningCeremony? Its Multiculturalism

    This is a Storify Blog. *The name of the blog is the following:* STORIFY: What’s So British About the London 20123 #OpeningCeremony? Its Multiculturalism The HTML is this. Can you test it first?:   Things didn’t start too well with the #openingceremony. The #london2012 Opening Ceremony skipped over a lot of important British history and [...]

  • Media camp at Weymouth

    Media camp at Weymouth

    Today (Thursday 26th July) a group of trainee citizen journalists from the Bristol area meet up with their counterparts at Weymouth for the #media2012 camp

  • Partnership with Freeword Centre during the Games

    Partnership with Freeword Centre during the Games

    #media2012 is pleased to announce a partnership with the Freeword Centre in central London, which will act as a base for reporters during the Games. As a drop in venue for #media2012 journalists, you will have a place to upload and chill out, tweet up and take a break from the chaos. While you do [...]

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