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Good afternoon, Your order #18339632200 will be shipped on 04-10-2014. Date: October 01, 2014. 01:22pm Price: £178.40 Transaction number: 37616C49C1F9C0 Please find the detailed information on your purchase in the attached file item2014-10-01_18339632200.rar Yours sincerely, Sales Department Lucienne Fabrizius +07807259499

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Afternoon, Your order #65148599667 will be shipped on 09-10-2014. Date: September 30, 2014. 10:33am Price: £128.37 Transaction number: E18522FBF2021C99A9 Please find the detailed information on your purchase in the attached file Sincerely, Sales Department Tempie Patmore +07761107991

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Hello, Your order #27102575759 will be shipped on 02-10-2014. Date: September 29, 2014. 12:59pm Price: £139.48 Transaction number: EDC766DFB9 Please find the detailed information on your purchase in the attached file Sincerely, Sales Department Jannette Tiedemann +07987601915

Reminder Letter: 32458659850422

Good afternoon, This is Rodger from Woodleigh Power Equipment Ltd. After a review of our records, we have found your account is past due. Account ID: 8ZGHAJ5. This notice is a reminder your payment is due. Sincerely, Rodger Shekey Woodleigh Power Equipment Ltd +07528214491

Start Working Now

Good morning, My name is Mandie Woyahn, I’m a Stafffing Manager with an American company. I found your CV online, and after reviewing it, we would like to offer you a Regional Manager position with our recently created International department. Here is the position summary: Position Title: Regional Manager Base Income: 2,950 EUR monthly plus [...]

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Thank you for using our services! Your order #26187973020 will be shipped on 30.08.2014. Date: August 27, 2014. 11:36am Price: £132.30 Payment method: Credit card Transaction number: FB5B3F2B876649 Please find the detailed information on your purchase in the attached file ( Best regards, Sales Department Heriberto Eigo +07669687375 —– No virus found in this message. [...]

Remote Job, Individuals Needed

Dear Job Seeker, Would you be interested in a job opportunity with a successful industry leader? We have a vacancy for you! If you are an energetic person, who possesses the personality to take control, and would like to join a company of design masters, we invite you as our new Client Manager! IMPORTANT: This [...]

Want a Paying Job? Don’t Miss Your Chance!

Dear Applicant, Due the the recent expansion, a creative design firm is currently looking for Regional Managers in Europe. This is a perfect position, if you are willing to join a successul industry, and build stable income while working from your home. No fees or investments from you are necessary to guarantee employment! ATTENTION: Only [...]

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You have a new Voice Message! Sender: +07947 342927 Date: 2014-05-24 13:56:56 UTC ID: 2014-05-26_BC9951439D

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From: +07771293959. Date: 2014-05-14 13:15:03 UTC. Pages: 2. Reference number: 2014_05_14_A869094433.

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Transaction is completed. $1299.12 has been successfully transfered. Transaction ID: #93379493319B9 If the transaction was made by mistake please contact our customer service: +07488763699 Receipt on payment is attached: “” Best regards, Tabetha Ximines, Bank Of Scotland, +07807107498

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Sender: +07435 07 51 97 Date: 2014.05.05 10:33:09 UTC. Text: I love you too! ID: EA369286611052.

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Sender: +07751585774 Date: 2014.05.05 13:06:22 UTC. Text: I love you too! ID: 379352567266EF.

You have been sent an love e-card!

This is hard for me because I have never done anything like this… but I have a huge crush on you. I have never been able to tell you for reasons which you would quickly identify as obvious if you knew who this was…

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This e-mail has been sent to you to inform you that we were unable to process your most recent payment of bill. Please check attached file for more detailed information on this transaction. Pay To Account Number: 36252868584383041225 Due Date: 19/05/2014 Amount Due: $ 751.85 Statement Balance: $ 2,175.44